"Stop not till the goal is reached"


To become a nationally recognized center of educational excellence, celebrated for its exceptional student outcomes across academics, sports, and fine arts. Our school will be at the forefront of educational innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology.


To empower every student to achieve their full potential and nurture compassionate leaders of tomorrow, Gulmohur High School is dedicated to excellence in education through innovative teaching and personalized support, we strive to inspire a lifelong love for learning and the development of critical thinking skills in an evolving and interconnected world.


Imbibing the following 21st Century Skills :
Critical thinking and problem solving

About us

Gulmohur High school was founded by a group of dedicated ladies of ALL INDIA WOMEN CONFERENCE (AIWC) in 1954. Initially it was started as a Kindergarten School. It started in two small quarters with 10 students and two teachers only. The initial efforts of its founder members were towards giving a better start to the children of our society. It was the first English medium school in the locality (Telco) at that time. <<Read more>>

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Alumni,
I am delighted to share a reflection on the remarkable transformative journey of Gulmohur High School—a journey marked by progress, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Established in 1954 as the first English-medium school in Telco colony, our institution has evolved significantly, guided by the esteemed principles of the Tata Education Excellence Programme (TEEP) and shaped by the influential Malcolm Baldrige Framework.
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Inside Gulmohur

ISQ-Speaker Principal Ms Priti Sinha speaks on ‘Quality Management in Schools’

It is a matter of immense pride and joy for Gulmohur High School as our esteemed Principal, Ms. Priti Sinha, was selected to represent our school at the esteemed Indian Society for Quality Annual Conference 2023 held on 1st December ’23 at United Club, Jamshedpur. The conference featured speakers from the globe in the field […]

Horizon 2023

It’s time for the one of the most spectacular, fun filled and entertaining event of Gulmohur High School – ‘Horizon 2023 – Magical Millets’. As this year 2023 had been declared as the International Year of Millets, we at Gulmohur tried to raise awareness and empower students with knowledge and appreciation of millets, showcasing their […]