About Gulmohur

Gulmohur High School was established in 1954 by a group of committed women from the All India Women Conference (AIWC). Its inception began as a Kindergarten School, a testament to the founders’ vision and dedication to laying the foundation for quality education in our community. 

Gulmohur High School holds the distinction of being the first English medium school in our locality, Telco, at its inception. This pioneering step laid the foundation for our commitment to academic excellence and inclusive education.

Our journey at Gulmohur High School is adorned with significant milestones that reflect our commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development:

  • 1974: Our inaugural batch of students appeared for the Matriculation Examination, marking the beginning of our academic journey.
  • 1976: Gulmohur High School was affiliated with the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, a pivotal step towards ensuring quality education.
  • 1978: Students undertook the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination for the first time, demonstrating our dedication to academic rigor and achievement.
  • 1981: We celebrated our Silver Jubilee, a testament to our enduring commitment to education and community service.
  • 1985: The management of the school transitioned to a committee affiliated with Shiksha Prasar Kendra, Telco, Jamshedpur, heralding a new era of growth and innovation.
  • 1989: Introduction of the Plus Two course in Science, expanding our academic offerings and opportunities for students.
  • 1993: Introduction of the Humanities Section, followed by the addition of the Commerce Section in 1995, catering to diverse academic interests and aspirations.
  • 2004: Celebration of our Golden Jubilee, marking fifty years of educational excellence and service to society.
  • UKIERI Partnership: Selected from the eastern region for partnership with schools in the United Kingdom, facilitating cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in education.

Current Status: Gulmohur High School is an English medium co-educational institution offering classes from Nursery to Class XII, with approximately 3000 students on roll.

Educational Philosophy: We believe in total participation and equal opportunity for all students, fostering a stimulating and nurturing environment where every child can reach their greatest potential.

Recognizing our commitment to innovation, the Tata Excellence in Education Programme (TEEP) has honored us with several prestigious awards:

  • 2011: Acknowledged for our implementation of the ‘6 Thinking Hats’ method with the EQUIP award and recognized for excellence in ‘mind mapping’ with the Best Practices award.
  • 2014: Received a total of eight awards at the TEEP Award Function, including recognition for our innovative assembly program (EQUIP award), support staff education initiatives (PANKH award), global exposure initiatives (PEARL award), and innovative teaching practices such as ‘Six Thinking Hats’, ‘7 Habits’, and history (Innoteaching award). Additionally, we were granted a special award for our exemplary Innoteaching practices.
  • 2015: Honored for our initiatives in promoting business enterprise (PANKH award) and excellence in implementing comic strips as a teaching tool (EQUIP award). Our innovative history teaching methods were also recognized with an Innoteaching award.
  • 2017: Awarded the EQUIP Award for excellence in executing tasks related to public speaking, further affirming our commitment to developing essential communication skills among our students.
  • 2018: Recognized with the Best Practices award for our innovative ‘Hear See Do Activity Book’, which has revolutionized experiential learning in our classrooms.
  • 2019: Acknowledged for our dedication to continuous improvement through ‘error analysis’, receiving the TEEP award in this category.

Gulmohur High School’s dedication to excellence and innovation has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards and accolades:

  • International School Award (2012): Recognized by the British Council for our school’s outstanding commitment to internationalism, intercultural understanding, and global engagement.
  • State Toppers in ICSE Exams (2019, 2022): Our students have consistently excelled in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) examinations, achieving the highest scores in the state and demonstrating the academic excellence fostered at Gulmohur High School.
  • Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar (2022): Awarded in recognition of our school’s exemplary efforts in promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental sustainability, reflecting our dedication to creating a healthy and hygienic learning environment.
  • Alankar Award from Tata Motors (2023): Honored as a trailblazer in innovation, Gulmohur High School received the Alankar Award from the Plant Head of Tata Motors. Our innovative practices, unique Career Expo, and receipt of the Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar were highlighted as exemplary contributions to education and community engagement.
  • Guest Speaker at Indian Society of Quality Conference (2023): Our esteemed school principal was selected by Tata Steel Quality Head as a Guest Speaker at the prestigious Indian Society of Quality Conference. She shared insights on ‘Quality Management at Schools’ alongside eminent CEOs of Multi-National Companies, showcasing Gulmohur High School’s leadership in educational quality and management practices.

Our major differentiators at Gulmohur High School set us apart as a pioneer in education and excellence:

  • Cutting-Edge Classroom Technology: We take pride in being the only school in Jamshedpur where every classroom is equipped with Digital Interactive Boards and Wi-Fi facilities, providing an immersive and technologically advanced learning environment for our students.
  • Digitized Knowledge Center: Our state-of-the-art Knowledge Center is digitally curated for both students and teachers, offering a wealth of resources to enhance research, exploration, and continuous learning.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: Embracing progressive teaching techniques, including mind mapping, 6 Thinking Hats, mindfulness, and existential intelligence, we ensure a dynamic and engaging educational experience that caters to diverse learning styles.
  • Young Leaders Programme Club: Our Young Leaders Programme Club is dedicated to nurturing leadership qualities among students, empowering them to become confident, responsible, and empathetic leaders within and beyond our school community.
  • Community Service Engagement: We believe in fostering a sense of social responsibility, and thus, all our students actively participate in various community service initiatives, promoting empathy, teamwork, and civic engagement.
  • Utilization of Malcolm Baldrige Quality Framework: As the only school in the colony consistently employing the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Framework for Education Excellence since 2004.

Achievements of the Session 2023-24 at Gulmohur High School

  • Alankar Award from Tata Motors (March 2023):
    Gulmohur High School was honored with the prestigious Alankar Award from Tata Motors, recognizing our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our innovative practices, including the unique Career Expo and receipt of the Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar, were acknowledged as exemplary contributions to education and community engagement.
  • Guest Speaker at Indian Society of Quality Conference (November 2023):
    Our esteemed school principal was selected as a Guest Speaker at the prestigious Indian Society of Quality Conference. She shared insights on ‘Quality Management at Schools’ alongside eminent CEOs of Multi-National Companies, showcasing Gulmohur High School’s leadership in educational quality and management practices.
  • Leading Education Excellence: Principal Appointed Zonal Coordinator for Jamshedpur Zone (2023-2026):
    Recognizing her exemplary leadership and commitment to education, our principal was appointed as the Zonal Coordinator for the Jamshedpur Zone from 2023 to 2026, further solidifying Gulmohur High School’s position as a leader in education excellence.
  • National Level Accolades in Yoga, Archery, and Taekwondo:
    Gulmohur students showcased their exceptional talent and dedication by winning accolades at the national level in Yoga, Archery, and Taekwondo, highlighting our commitment to fostering holistic development and sports excellence among our students.
  • Championship Trophy at HUNCH 2023:
    The school was awarded the Championship Trophy at HUNCH 2023, a testament to the hard work, creativity, and innovation demonstrated by our students in various competitions and events.
  • Championship Trophy at Annual Fest 2024:
    Gulmohur High School continued its winning streak by clinching the Championship Trophy at the Annual Fest 2024, showcasing the talent, creativity, and teamwork of our students across various cultural and academic competitions.




school Differentiators

Constructivist Classroom – An outstanding method to involve students into becoming independent thinkers and incorporate technology while learning any topic. It won acclaim under a category called InnoTeaching organised by TEEP. The effective method is now used all through the school to teach various topics in different subjects.

Integrated Projects – In 2018-19 the students were a part of two integrated projects wherein they got a common theme on which they prepared projects for different subjects to realise their applicability in real life situations under the guidance of their mentors.

Gulmohur Radio – The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Gulmohur Radio is a unique initiative to connect with all stakeholders through an audio medium. Informative and entertaining podcasts with our students as RJ’s and content creators is a remarkable approach to promote the oratory prowess among the students.

Gulmohur Chronicles – Just as the caption suggests ‘Innovative! Informative! Insightful! This e-newspaper completely handled by a student-based editing team is a great way to get instant updates about the events and achievements of the school as well as showcase the innovations and creative pursuits of all its stakeholders. It weaves a deeper bond among the school’s administration, faculty, ex- faculty members, students, parents and alumni of the school.

Gulmohur CaresThis is an attempt by the school to inculcate the Emotional Quotient among the students. From raising awareness about the pandemic, making and distributing masks and sanitizers, making care packages for the less fortunate – the students participate in various activities which instills the feeling of empathy in them.

Mandala ArtThe school observed that the students were feeling depressed and experiencing monotony staying at home during the pandemic. As a solution to combat this negativity, the school introduced ‘Mandala Art’ as an alternative therapy.

Mindfulness To cope with the unprecedented and uncertain times all of us faced, the school has introduced ‘Mindfulness’ to the students, teachers and parents. Through various activities, mindfulness is a wonderful way for everyone to learn how to cope with anxiety, uncertainty and other negative feelings.

Online Saturday Activity Clubs – The school started operating eleven online activity clubs to make students assess their inner capabilities and become confident individuals. The students are given a chance to act as mentors wherein they guide the class and train their fellow students in skills pertaining to their respective clubs.

Caring Conversations ‘Speak Your Heart Out’ – It is an empathy-based counselling program which will provide each child in the school a safe place to discuss their problems and seek resolutions. Our student volunteers reach out to their juniors, talk to them one-on-one and guide them accordingly. Our School Counsellor Ms. Aditi Karkhedkar is the head mentor, educating the student volunteers on how to counsel the younger students

SIPAQ/SIMPAAQ – Enhancing the reading and writing skills of our students have been a constant effort by our faculty and many new techniques to achieve the same has been implemented. Some of them are – making comic strips to summarize the plot of a chapter, using SIPAQ for Primary and SIMPAAQ for upper primary – a method of incorporating similes, idioms, proverbs, metaphors etc. while writing a composition has helped the students to understand the usage of these as well as the compositions written by them are much better.

Mind Mapping – Our school is the pioneer among educational institutions in Jamshedpur in introducing Mind Mapping as a tool to help students connect and summarize their understanding of a topic.

Organising the Summer Camp – The school is extremely proud of the democratic initiative taken by the students of High School of organising a Summer Camp for the students of the primary section. This is the second successful year of organising the camp and it is only getting bigger and better. The programme is planned and executed by the Young Leaders of GHS.

Hear-Do-See Activity Book – The Activity Book helps the students to analyse what they learn from a particular activity. It also includes pages where the students assess their understanding of a specific subject.

Story Map / Book Review – To improve the reading and comprehending skills of students, Story Map / Book Review booklets have been developed.

Study PlanThis booklet was introduced to make the parents aware of the 1 Term and 2 Term portion of all the subjects well in advance. It is given to each student right at the beginning of the session. It also includes the various activities to be done in class related to relevant topics. Besides, it includes the Public Speaking syllabus, Spelling worksheets and colour coding as well.

Mothers Meetin order to improve the communication mechanism between students and parents, mothers meets are held in school thrice a year. The mothers are guided by the teachers so that they can help their wards at home leading to holistic development.

Comic StripsGenerally, students are reluctant to read the chapters at home. Comic strips are a unique way to make the students read and comprehend the lessons. This is done in English Literature and Hindi Literature. After the thorough reading of the chapter, the students draw the characters and frame dialogues. It is widely practised in the pre-primary and primary section of the school.

6 Thinking HatsThis methodology greatly helps the students to think out
of the box. Each student has a different perspective and he or she 
must have the freedom to express it. Six Thinking Hats is an effective way and that enables a student to think and express.

Public Speaking – It was observed that students were shying away when they had to speak about something in English. They lacked confidence and vocabulary. to help the children speak eloquently, public speaking classes were started with a proper syllabus given for the entire year.

Horizon – It is an enthralling and enriching inter-school event organised every year based on theme decoded by United Nations for classes 1 to 5. Students of various schools of Jamshedpur take part in the various activities and programmes with great zeal and enthusiasm. A unique platform to showcase the talent of students of our school & other schools. The event comprises a cultural programme, an exhibition as well as various interschool events on the same theme.

Gulotsav – It is a great opportunity for class XI students to showcase that talent and organize something for the junior students in a completely democratic way, not only in performing arts but also develop innovative ways to explore their event management skills.