ISQ-Speaker Principal Ms Priti Sinha speaks on ‘Quality Management in Schools’

It is a matter of immense pride and joy for Gulmohur High School as our esteemed Principal, Ms. Priti Sinha, was selected to represent our school at the esteemed Indian Society for Quality Annual Conference 2023 held on 1st December ’23 at United Club, Jamshedpur. The conference featured speakers from the globe in the field of Quality Management. The Chief Guest for the the occasion was Mr. T V Narendran, CEO & MD, Tata Steel. The event was also attended by stalwarts who have championed the Quality Model in their respective fields.
Ms. Priti Sinha’s presentation on “Quality Management in Schools” was not just a representation of our institution, but a testament to our commitment to excellence. Her emphasis on the guidance provided by the Tata Excellence in Education Program (TEEP) has been pivotal in steering us towards a future-aligned approach. This alignment has uniquely positioned us to seamlessly embrace and implement the transformative principles of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.
She illuminated how the meticulous guidance and support from assessors empowered us to revisit and enhance crucial aspects such as Leadership, Planning, Stakeholder focus (students, parents, and others), Staff development, and the operational facets of our school. Through Ms. Priti Sinha’s leadership, we’ve harnessed these tenets of Quality Management to refine our teaching-learning processes, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience for all.
The school is inspired by Ms. Priti Sinha’s visionary leadership. We are confident that her profound understanding of global advancements in education will propel Gulmohur High School to even greater heights. With her guidance, we are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence , nurturing a learning environment that prepares our students for a dynamic future.