Rules & Regulations


  • The school attaches great importance to regular attendance. Except in cases of illness, children will not be permitted to be absent during term.
  • No sick child should be sent to school. A medical certificate is essential for rejoining after recovery from illness.
  • The illness of a student who is out of Jamshedpur on the day of reopening of school after holidays may not be accepted as a reason for excusing the student. Failure to notify the school of absence before reopening day will be treated as a withdrawal. 
  • No child will be allowed into the school after the first bell. [Parents are requested not to make any request for allowing latecomers to attend school, however genuine the excuse may be.
  • Every student must be present on the day the school re-opens after summer, winter, Puja, X-mas vacation.


  • Should a guardian wish to withdraw a child from the school, written notice of such withdrawal must be given to the
    Principal/Primary in charge one month in advance, failing which a month’s fee in lieu of notice will be payable to the school. 
  • Notice of withdrawal must be accompanied by a fee of Rs 200/- which is the charge of issuing a transfer certificate. 
  • No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues are cleared and school property borrowed by the child is returned to the school.
  • Should a child be withdrawn from the school in order to gain admission into any other local school, he/she will not be readmitted to Gulmohur School

Removal from school

A child’s name will be struck off from the school rolls if:

  • fees remain unpaid for two consecutive months.
    the child fails to attend school on the first or last day of term.
  • the child is absent from school for 3 consecutive days without the prior written permission of the Principal/Primary in charge. 
  • the child persists in irregular attendance.
  • the child’s general conduct is at fault.
  • the child fails two years in succession in the same class. 
  • the child shows poor academic performance during the year. 
  • the child fails twice in the school