Gulmohur Chronicles – Edition 26

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” – ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Every 2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. The father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was born on this date. This day is celebrated as his birthday and is also a declared national holiday. He is called the father of the nation because of his tireless efforts to free India from the British following the Satyagraha. The whole country is grateful to him for all his efforts. Therefore we celebrate his birthday as Gandhi Jayanti. He was a great follower of truth and non-violence; therefore, the world celebrates this day as International Non-Violence Day. Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three national holidays. Most of the schools and colleges remain open on this day to celebrate the day with social and cultural events.

Navratri, a popular Hindu festival, is celebrated with fervor and devotion for nine nights and ten days. It signifies the victory of good over evil and honors the goddess Durga. Each day, one of her nine forms is venerated, each associated with a specific color and attribute. The name “Navratri” translates to “Nine Nights,” during which the goddess Durga is worshipped in her various forms. This festival, observed twice a year but most prominently during Sharad Navratri in the autumn, signifies the victory of good over evil. During Navratri, devotees fast, pray, and engage in various religious and cultural activities. They often visit temples and participate in traditional dance forms like Garba and Dandiya, which are integral to the celebration. The evenings are filled with vibrant music, dancing, and colorful attire as people come together to revel in the festive spirit.

Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year. Every year, the Air Force Day is celebrated at Hindon base in presence of IAF chief and senior officials of the three armed forces. These celebrations include an air display where the most crucial and vintage aircraft put up a magnificent show. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm of the Indian armed forces with the primary mission to secure Indian airspace and conduct aerial activities during armed conflicts. More than 170,000 personnel are in service with the Indian Air Force. Its personnel and aircraft assets rank fourth amongst the air forces of the world. 

It is true that respect can only be earned with hardwork. The freedom fighter and our Indian air force are the prime example of hardwork earned respect. Goddess Durga will always bless those who show their true self and work hard for their goals.