Physics Lab

Experiments performed in the Physics Laboratory ensure a better understanding of all concepts relating to matter and different forms of energy. These not only prepare students of classes 9 – 12 for their Board Examinations but also enable them to see the application of concepts practically, in their day to day life. Some of the experiments carried out in the lab are – Finding the f of a convex lens by using u-v method, finding f of a convex lens by displacement method, determining the internal resistance of a cell by a potentiometer etc.


Chemistry Lab

Chemical analysis of compounds, study of the rate of reaction, electrochemistry, titrations etc. all appear so much more interesting when the students perform experiments in this laboratory. The school takes special care to upgrade the pieces of apparatus as and when required. Every experiment prescribed in the syllabus is conducted under the able supervision of the chemistry teacher and e¨cient lab assistants.


Biology Lab

Science classes get infused with excitement when children observe life under a microscope, carry out food tests, and observe morphological and physiological processes like photosynthesis , transpiration and respiration through experiments on working models in the Biology Laboratory. Some of the experiments carried out are – Simple biochemical and physiological experiments and preparation of slides like (T.S. of dicot root, T.S. of dicot stem etc.)


Computer Lab

We have a state-of-the-art Computer Science Laboratory equipped with 60 computers to keep our students connected with the radical changes occurring every other day in the ¦eld of science and technology. Students all the way from std-3 to std- 12 avail this facility provided by the school .While the younger students begin from the basics of computer learning, the older students (std 9 to std 12) focus on JAVA programming as prescribed in their syllabus by the I.C.S.E and I.S.C Board of Examination.



We have two well-stocked libraries for the Primary and High School respectively. They are proof of the importance laid on good reading habits that the institution chooses to inculcate in children. Books on various subjects under Science, Humanities and Commerce streams along with books on Theology, Biographies, Encyclopaedias, Fiction and NonFiction books add to the intellectual wealth and information contained in the libraries. We also have copies of “Braided Tales” our school’s avantgarde effort in publishing a book by the children, for the children in the library. Besides this each classroom in the Primary section also has their own Reading Corner where children can read books of their choices in their leisure time. The school also provides the special edition for Telegraph Newspaper called T.T.I.S meant for kids on a weekly basis.


Play Ground

To ensure that the mind is active and is housed in a healthy body, our school has a small playground where the children run and play during their Physical Education classes and recess. Gulmohur High School takes pride in having students who have represented the school at several State and National level competitions and won laurels for the school. We have regular practices to hone the athletic talent in our students. We also have Annual Inter-House Tournaments for both Basketball and Volleyball. We currently have students who are Zonal/Regional /National Basketball and Volleyball champions.


A well equipped First-Aid Corner is also maintained to deal with minor injuries. Fire safety measures are in place in the school and an endeavour is made to conduct fire safety drill during every academic session.