Horizon 2023

It’s time for the one of the most spectacular, fun filled and entertaining event of Gulmohur High School – ‘Horizon 2023 – Magical Millets’. As this year 2023 had been declared as the International Year of Millets, we at Gulmohur tried to raise awareness and empower students with knowledge and appreciation of millets, showcasing their role in promoting personal well-being and contributing to a greener planet. 228 students from twenty-nine renowned schools of Jamshedpur were invited to participate in this unique inter school program and showcase their talents. Some fascinating and enthralling programmes and activities were organized for the participating schools.
Mr. Pradosh Mohanty (GM, TMCV Operations), Jamshedpur was invited as the chief guest of the show. The programme started with our National Anthem followed by a welcome speech. The lamp was lighted in order to pay tribute to our Gods and Goddesses. The auditorium came into life with the lovely Divya Ganesh Stuti (Prayer Dance). Next was the performance The Millet Extravaganza a spectacular Dance Drama, its mesmerizing fusion of music and dance took the audience into the heart of millet fields, which filled the whole auditorium with cheering and clapping. A unique and engaging performance Sehat ka Raaz ( Qawwali), captivated the audience with the harmonious blend of traditional qawwali music and the importance of millets in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The hard work of our committed students could be noticed under the abled administration and guidance of our dear teachers.
The host school arranged many interesting inter school activities for the participating schools like Pasting Millet Mastermind, The Quest, Millet Marvel, Storyteller’s Canvas, Millet Sparkles, Wholesome Goodness, Artful Grains, The Advertisement show titled ‘The Millet Maneuver’ presented by the guest schools representing different millets in colourful costumes was a power packed performance and received a lot of applause.
The championship trophy was bagged by Little Flower School. The Principal, Mrs. Priti Sinha, handed over the prizes to the deserving winners. The hard work and efforts of the Vice Principal, Mrs. Archana Srivastava, Process Owners, Mrs. Madhuchanda Sarkar, Mrs. Rumpa Chakarborty, Ms. Minky Ojha, Mrs. Nooree Khan, the teachers and students led to the grand success of the programme. The managing committee of the school headed by the Chairman, Mr. Rakesh Sarangi applauded this great endeavour of students and teachers. The Chief Guest, Mr. Pradosh Mohanty said that the programme was a huge success and provided a learning experience to the students.