marchpastGulmohur High School organized its 47th Annual Sports Day at Sumant Moolgaonkar Stadium on 22nd November 2019. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr.  Basabdutta Jana(Head, Quality -Jamshedpur Tata Motors Ltd.). The senior students smartly marched along housewise to the beats of the school band led by the elected members of the schools’ council.

Vedika Chandra State Topper 1Sumit AgarwalGulmohur High School organised a ‘Felicitation Ceremony’ for the outstanding performance by students who appeared for their Board Examination (class X and XII) for the year 2018-19. The school proudly celebrates the glorious efforts of the students which helped the school in getting its first State Topper Vedika Chandra (99%) closely followed by Sumit Agarwal (98.4%), Nishita Agarwal (98/2%) and a total of 30 students who scored a whopping 90% and above in their ICSE Examination. The highest scorers of class XII were also awarded for their brilliant performance in the ISC examination.

IMG 5232It’s time for the one of the most spectacular, fun filled and entertaining event of Gulmohur High School -‘Horizon 2019 – The Languages of the Natives’. As this year 2019 had been declared as the International Year of Indigenous Languages,we at Gulmohur tried to raise awareness about the different types of indigenous languages spoken around the world, some of which continue to disappear at an alarming rate. 220 students fromtwenty renowned schools of Jamshedpur were invited to participate in this unique inter school program and showcase their talents.Some fascinating and enthralling programmes and activities were organized for the participating schools.

ACTIVITIES IN SCHOOLGrooming the inner talents

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