IMG 0156First hand experience of Entrepreneurship for the Young Leaders of Gulmohur
No day could have been better than children’s day for Gulmohur High School to realize their dream of creating corporate leaders for tomorrow. You can be inspired to stock up the most beautiful jewellery in your wardrobe as this year the students of Young Leaders program from class 7 and 8 have made the jewellery from the waste paper. This initiative was taken by Mrs. Sunita Sinha, Principal Gulmohur High School from UK based, School Enterprise Challenge and was named 'Paper Magic'.

blooddonation 1 2014Another milestone was achieved this year by AAG, by doing a noble cause of conducting Blood Donation Camp. The camp started at 8:00 AM at Gulmohur High School, and ended at 1:00 PM. Around 35 donors donated blood to make this event as grand success. The donors were members of alumni, the teachers of school, Students & parents of students of our school. All the units of the blood were collected and given to blood bank.


reunion 1 2014It was our 1st regional reunion which was organized in Bangalore on April 27,2014. The programme started at 6:00 PM. It was attended by Gulmohur Alumni ( 1987 – 2012) residing in Bangalore. Mrs. Shobha Nayar Pandit, ex-Faculty of Gulmohur School and Mr. Kishloy Gupta, ex-Secretary of Gulmohur School Management Committee where special chief guests for this meet, along with out alumni. This event was a big milestone added to the Journey of Alumni Association of Gulmohur.

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