mpGulmohur High School  put up a play “Dear Mom and Dad - An Adaptation of Mary Poppins” on the 9th of December, 2017 at the XLRI Auditorium. Mr. Satish B. Borwankar (Chief Operating Officer - Tata Motors)had agreed to be the Chief Guest for the occasion. Important dignitaries included Mr. A.B Lall ( Head, Manufacturing, CVBU, Tata Motors) and Mr.Murthy(MD Tinplate)  Mrs. Murthy, Mr. Bodhanwala (Chairman Tarapore Schools), members of the school committee  Mr. Amitabh Samay (Chairman) Mr. Rakesh Sarangi (Vice Chairman) Mr Dhanu Kumar (Treasurer)   and Mrs. Nidhi Basu (Secretary) among others. The play was conceptualised and directed by Principal Mrs. Sunita Sinha and creatively guided by Primary Head Mrs. Priti Sinha. The performers were trained by teachers Ms. Gargi Mukherjee and Ms. Baishali Dasgupta. The teachers in-charge for choreography were Ms. Uma Maheshwari, Ms. Lopamudra Nandi and Mr. Rohit Karmakar. The music direction was given by Mr. Sujon Chatterjee and Mr. Rohi Panna. The soulful renditions were sung by Mr. Charles Smith, Ms. Sangeeta Choudhary and Miss Shivangi Chatterjee. There were two shows of the play - one in the morning for the students of the various schools of Jamshedpur and one in the evening from 6.00pm for the parents and other dignitaries of Jamshedpur. The play was an attempt to highlight the school's theme for the year ‘Care Connect Communicate' by requesting the parents to make the bond between the child and the parent stronger. It is an urge to make parents realise that childhood does not stay forever and they must spend a lot of quality time with their children. Over 270 students from Primary and High School have participated in the play. The titular role of Mary Poppins was played by Gurleen Kaur Sandhu. Students in other important roles were - Selina Nandi,Adarsh Kumar, Sourabh Mishra, Janhvi and Ankit Singh. On the occasion Mr. Borwankar said that children should be the first priority in a parent's life. The sincere performances, dazzling dances and amazing special effects made the play a grand success. <<Photo Gallery>>


Gulmohur High School organised its 45th Annual Sports Day at Sumant Moolgaonkar Stadium on 3rd November , 2017. The chief guest for the occasion was Mrs. Aruna Mishra(Police Inspector and World Champion Boxer). The senior students smartly marched along house wise to the beats of the school's band led by the elected members of the students' council. The middle and primary school students displayed their fitness and agility by a drill performance on the theme 'Global Tourism' Stressing the importance of self defence in today's world trained students demonstrated several karate techniques. The winners of various track and field events were awarded with certificates and medals. The Principal Mrs. Sunita Sinha evoked a sense of team spirit and positive competitiveness among the students with her words. The chief guest Mrs. Aruna Mishra said that co-curricular activities not only makes a person physically fit and metally agile but also helps in coping with any stressful situation life throws at us.Best Boy Athlete: SUMANTO GORAI (TATA HOUSE) AND Best Girl Athlete:- SAMRIDHI (BHAGAT HOUSE).



Wall of Kindness 1 Wall of Kindness 2 Wall of Kindness 3Gulmohur High School inaugurated its 'Wall of Kindness' on 4th September,2017 with the noble intent to reach out to person privileged enough to enjoy excess in life. It is a little attempt to help people in need and make their lives more comfortable. Earlier this year the school had organised an Ethics Workshop to raise the standard of ethical conduct among students. This is yet another step in the same direction. Mr. Salil Roy from the Moral Re-armament Team has been kind enough to  guide the school through this journey towards becoming better individuals. The school's Principal Mrs. Sunita Sinha on this occasion said that Kindness is the virtue that reaffirms our faith in humanity and is sadly missing in today's society. Efforts like this will plant the seedling of generosity and sharing among the students and help them become good human beings.

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