I will surely tell you all
About the sudden fall;
Of all my prospects which,
On a day
Went all in a ditch.
At such a tender age of fourteen years
I, a girl, lost my father.

The dream, he had created for me
All shattered suddenly
My father, my God, my Almighty
Is no longer with me.
His dreams of seeing me successful in life
Was left incomplete when he died
Not a girl to be pitted on
I still do my studies from dusk to dawn.

“Oh Mother let me go,”
And take my exams to show;
All my classmates and all my friends
That no such problem is meant,
That is higher than our determination
Whether its any race or any examination.

Let me show my father
Who is in the Heaven in sky,
Who is seeing me from there
That I Tina of Gulmohur School,
Will surely make his dreams come true.


Janhvi Singh (VIIIA)