When I was five
I entered my second home, school.
The day was sunny and bright,
And I did know in which classroom I would go.
When the bell rang for us to assemble in the ground,
I was unknown to the things which were going around.
Seeing other children I too went to the assembly,
But forgot to keep my bag in the classroom and my water bottle with a bell on it, jingled.
Standing quietly in the queue,
After few minutes I knew that I found it atlast!
It was my class!
When I entered into the classroom for the first time, I found myself lonely and started crying.
A gentle touch was felt by me on my head,
On turning around, saw the sweetest lady I had ever met.
She was the first class teacher, she was the best.
Now tears have passed and I rarely see her,
But whenever I see her, I get this
Feeling that she always wants me to get better.
But there is one more person,
Who not only wants me to get better,
But also wants every child to get better.
She is none other than our Principal.
Now I thank you for every smile
I know you had loads of work to do,
But I am glad that you pause awhile,
To teach us and to hear,
I heard that knowledgeable lesson, loud and clear.
You took time to laugh with us an just be there,
I am important to you, you care.
I know you are with me just for a while,
Today, teacher you hold my tomorrow’s happy smile.
All the sing –song, words and rhymes,
Which you taught me yesterday,
Have sadly disappeared into time,
But teachers, I promise I will never forget
The reflection, the bright reflection which I saw in your eyes,
And the sweet look which you gave to me,
You knew the somebody, the successful person, in the future I could surely be…
Thank You.
Anmol Kaur
XI B Comm