The 23 Enigma

It’sreally just superstition, but there are co-incidences around the number 23, the mysterious enigma. The physical biorhythm cycle is said to be 23 days. It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body. The male and female each contribute 23 chromosomes during conception. There are 23 vertebrae in the human body. The number of joints in the human arm is 23.
Shakespeare was born on April 23. Two 23’s equal to 46 , and that’s how old Shakespeare was when the KJV was published when you go through King James Version of the Bible and turn to psalm 46 words and you arrive at the word “shake”. Turn to the end and count 46 words backwards and the word you end on is “spear”, the two words together get you – “Shakespeare” the author.

  • The ideal orbit, Clarke’s orbit, for a satellite is 23,000 miles above the earth.
  • The Latin alphabet has 23 letters.
  • The first prime number wherein both of the digits are prime and add up to another prime is 23
  • Alexander, the Great was 23, when he cut the Gordian Knot and the Knights Templar has 23 Grand Masters.
  • Michael Jordan wore 23 for the Chicago Bulls. His dad was murdered on 23rd of July 1993, during a botched robbery.
  • The first song on side A of the Beatles first album took 23 takes to record.
  • The cell block holding princess Leia, was AA-23
  • Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species “was published in 1859 – 1+8+5+9= 23. Ajay Kumar Mahato

Std -12 Science.