Who knows the future?
Oh lord whom shall I ask for tomorrow.
Shall I go through every mind for an answer?
Shall I for worship you to be rewarded with an answer

My heart is blood stain for a girl who is in dark.
I nether cried nor blamed any but asked you “Why?”
Oh Lord “Why?”, Why had you set the sun for her?
Why you had been behind punishing het in the ocean of tears.

A sun has to set for the rise of the gleaming moon.
As the light, sun remains back of the moon always to protect it.
The blessings, the teachings is always there to act as cell for her.
Has she to fulfil the hopes and duty of her Sun, as the moon does.

To make a child walking the mother has to leave the fingers.
A push was for her to be successful, to make her learn to be
Best in the world. She has to walk on the way of huddles.
As the flow of river passes off from all the stone to reach a stop.

No one knows the future. No one shall tell you for tomorrow.
Go through your struggles and your heart for an answer,
As each heart consists of God and every struggle will have
Impact of Good. Says my heart as an answer.

Oh I firmly believe now,
She will hold the sky of success,
She will be in an anticipation for the others,
And will be the best runner of the way.

Shruti Thakur (IX B : Session 2017-18)

I will surely tell you all
About the sudden fall;
Of all my prospects which,
On a day
Went all in a ditch.
At such a tender age of fourteen years
I, a girl, lost my father.

The dream, he had created for me
All shattered suddenly
My father, my God, my Almighty
Is no longer with me.
His dreams of seeing me successful in life
Was left incomplete when he died
Not a girl to be pitted on
I still do my studies from dusk to dawn.

“Oh Mother let me go,”
And take my exams to show;
All my classmates and all my friends
That no such problem is meant,
That is higher than our determination
Whether its any race or any examination.

Let me show my father
Who is in the Heaven in sky,
Who is seeing me from there
That I Tina of Gulmohur School,
Will surely make his dreams come true.


Janhvi Singh (VIIIA) 

When I was five
I entered my second home, school.
The day was sunny and bright,
And I did know in which classroom I would go.
When the bell rang for us to assemble in the ground,
I was unknown to the things which were going around.
Seeing other children I too went to the assembly,
But forgot to keep my bag in the classroom and my water bottle with a bell on it, jingled.
Standing quietly in the queue,
After few minutes I knew that I found it atlast!
It was my class!
When I entered into the classroom for the first time, I found myself lonely and started crying.
A gentle touch was felt by me on my head,
On turning around, saw the sweetest lady I had ever met.
She was the first class teacher, she was the best.
Now tears have passed and I rarely see her,
But whenever I see her, I get this
Feeling that she always wants me to get better.
But there is one more person,
Who not only wants me to get better,
But also wants every child to get better.
She is none other than our Principal.
Now I thank you for every smile
I know you had loads of work to do,
But I am glad that you pause awhile,
To teach us and to hear,
I heard that knowledgeable lesson, loud and clear.
You took time to laugh with us an just be there,
I am important to you, you care.
I know you are with me just for a while,
Today, teacher you hold my tomorrow’s happy smile.
All the sing –song, words and rhymes,
Which you taught me yesterday,
Have sadly disappeared into time,
But teachers, I promise I will never forget
The reflection, the bright reflection which I saw in your eyes,
And the sweet look which you gave to me,
You knew the somebody, the successful person, in the future I could surely be…
Thank You.
Anmol Kaur
XI B Comm

Dear God,
We have almost reached the end of the academic year and I thank you for the countless blessings you have showered on us all through the year. Thank you God for the moments of joy and triumph our school has seen this year. I ask for your blessings for my seniors who will be appearing for their board exams soon. This year also left us with irreparable grief as we lost a dear student. Thank you God for teaching us that life is very precious and should not be wasted in recklessness. We are soon to go to a new class. Bless us with wisdom to learn new things, respect that we can show towards our teachers, patience and understanding while choosing our words which are neither hurtful nor derogatory. Bless us lord so that we can value the love and sacrifices of our parents and not take them for granted. Keep our school in your guiding light and help us, students to bring glory to our school. Thank you  God for your divine mercy.

Your loving child,


Mother Teresa

You were a lamp in the darkness,
You were love in hatred.
You were fulfillment in adversity
You were the one who pacified those fighting.
You were the queen for the poor
There is not a single word to describe you
You were the sight for the blind.
“Mother“, we can never forget you.

...by Anugya Rajput.