The student body comprises of Head Boy and Head Girl, four house Captains and respective house Vice Captains, who are elected and prefects who are appointed. They are responsible for the general discipline of the students during morning assembly, recess and dispersal. They bridge the gap between the students and the teachers and tackle minor issues.

School coun


The four houses, respectively Bhagat(Yellow),Raman(Blue),Tagore(Green) and Tata(Red) encourage among the students a keen but healthy competition and also inculcates a feeling of loyalty and integrity towards their respective house.

The mottos of different houses symbolize the qualities as mentioned:



House Motto Named After



The brave martyr Bhagat Singh



The scientist and Nobel prize winner for Physics in 1930 Sir C .V .Raman


Learning The noted writer, composer, poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature  in the year 1913 Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore


Vision The pioneer of Steel Industry in India Jamshedji Nuserwanji Tata

These mottos have been inspired by the respective personalities of Indian history.


School Council for the year 2018 - 19
President  Riya Singh
Vice President  Md Saif
HOUSE Bhagat Raman Tagore Tata
Captain  Shivangi Chatterjee  Nishant Agarwal  Megha Kumari  Jasleen Kaur
Vice Captain Ayush Rathore Raj  Sai Aditi Verma  Vedika Chandra   Rohit Mukhi