Gulmohur has ever since its inception inculcated in the students values of compassion, love and concern. It has been the tradition of Gulmohur to strive hard to make better individuals out of the students it grooms. Instilling the values of leadership, hard work and teamwork Gulmohur has produced leaders who work towards the betterment of the society. In order to show gratitude to the source of their knowledge and education, the ex-students of Gulmohur joined hands to form the Alumni Association of Gulmohur (A.A.G.) .

Alumni Association of Gulmohur (A.A.G.) was established on 6th June, 2008. It began with the uniting of likeminded ex studentsAAG_Logo

  • Abhijit Gope (I.S.C. 2005)
  • Kamran Ahmad (I.S.C. 2007)
  • Chandan Ojha (I.S.C. 2005)
  • Nishant Prasad
  • T.S. Prakash (I.C.S.E. 1982)

whose objective was to redeem the glory of the alma mater and provide a platform for the ex students to interact. Though there did exist a group prior to Alumni Association of Gulmohur (A.A.G.), it had become defunct. With renewed confidence and with ‘CONFLUENCE’ as its motto this new association is striving hard to work towards the betterment of the school and its students (both past and present).

The term A.A.G. was coined by Chandan Ojha in the first meeting of this new association. Sumanto Ghosh (I.C.S.E. 1984), an ex student started the activities of the association with a counseling session for the senior students.

The association is at its nascent stage. It is still a seed from the Gulmohur tree, but with showering projects and shining activities and the strong interactions between the old and the new it shall soon grow into a fruit bearing tree whose benefits all associated with Gulmohur shall enjoy.

Since its inception the association has undertaken several activities for the betterment of the school and its students. It has provided a common ground to the ex students to unite and work towards a common goal of welfare and growth.

Continuing with its undying effort to uphold its motto and cause, the Alumni Association of Gulmohur (A.A.G.), has now been registered as a charitable trust. With this new endeavor we wish to unite the Gulmohur family and strengthen the bonds that unite us.